Case Studies

Beyond the Scene

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is a globally popular KPOP (Korean Pop) group that has a large and often overzealous fan community. I infiltrated the BTS Twitter fan (or “stan” community as many call it) under a fake name.

Variety Pack Radio Broadcast

Variety Pack Radio was a livestream leading up to the launch of the VCU Graphic Design Class of 2021’s senior show (located here). I was a leader on the committee producing the radio show.

This case study is my way of teaching myself how to use Figma by redesigning my portfolio website. I built on the skeleton of what I have already made through Cargo. I’m continuing to learn more and more about web development and UI/UX design, so this was my first real foray into playing with wireframing in a more polished environment, rather than just through basic sketches.