Erin Janicki


“Variety Pack” as our senior class's project was named, celebrated our time in VCU’s Graphic Design program, and celebrated us. It featured three parts: a book and website compiling every student’s final capstone/thesis projects and a live event celebrating the completion of everyone’s projects. Each of these had a dedicated team of people working on the projects, and a team leader (or two) who coordinated between each team.

I co-lead Variety Pack Radio—the event team—from the very beginning planning stages to the final, live event. We had to work within the bounds of the pandemic, and so had wanted to do something digital from the get-go. A livestream seemed like an obvious step, but what would that livestream be composed of?

With the concept of a variety pack in mind, we thought of a variety show, and therefore a “radio” show. We wanted to feature as many of our classmates as would be willing to participate so that they could display what they were working on. We also wanted a framework in which they could put this presentation, so we took submissions for radio “commercials” that would explain their projects through audio and/or video.

Here’s a list of things that I did as a leader:

  • Coordinated with my team members’ schedules to meet up and plan on Zoom, and followed up with team members who couldn’t make it so that everyone had a say and tasks were delegated efficiently

  • Coordinated creation of assets from other committees so that the show was visually consistent with the rest of the projects

  • Learned from a VCU Library Workshop member about how to use the streaming program OBS

  • Learned from the graphic design department’s Design Technology and Program Coordinator Matt Charboneau about how to set up and use the audio equipment correctly

  • Scheduled the usage and arrangement of the facilities we streamed from

  • Literally so much more.

I spent three months planning this event, and even though there were, as always, unexpected hitches, I’m very proud of what we did. The event was fun, lighthearted, and reminded me of why I’m glad that I met all of my classmates.